About Us


We're an independent, creative design studio that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design.  Applying  many combined years of experience our team patiently researches your  needs, deeply considers your situation, pursues a creative solution and  expertly makes it real.  We pride ourselves on never delivering anything  less than perfection to our clients.  We  are open to new challenges and ideas.  If you have an idea let's chat  about the possibilities.  Give us a call to discuss your  situation and see that we are the perfect fit for your project. Chances  are, we'll not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. 


Nicole Casey founder of CASEY DESIGN  began her career in Europe working as a textile designer for a respected fabrics company in Germany.  While overseas she continued her education at the textile technical school in Reutlingen, and the hand weaving school in Sindelfingen. After several years in Europe, she returned to the states to pursue a career at the renowned Jack Lenor Larsen studio.  

During her tenure at Larsen she was involved in all aspects of developing and sourcing materials for the collection while she continued to broaden her knowledge and skills at the Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute were she received a Masters in Design Management. With her background in creative design, ongoing partnerships with clients, and her enthusiasm for scouting and touring mills, Nicole is inspired by the search for the next emerging trend, texture, and color.

Throughout her career, Nicole has thrived on creative alliances between manufacturers and designers while maintaining strong relationships with her clients. In addition to her own textile designs she consults for manufacturers in selling, positioning and merchandising product for the commercial and residential market. Nicole enjoys the creative process and her designs are an evolution of sophisticated, clean, and modern ideas.